Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The New Look Knicks

               With the acquisition of Metta World Peace and Andrea Bargnani, it seems they bolstered their bench dramatically. World Peace will probably be their starting small forward which shifts Carmelo Anthony to the power forward position. It would be tough for others to guard Anthony meanwhile he'll have tougher defenders such as David West or Blake Griffin when they're matched up. The New York Knicks need Carmelo Anthony on the floor for them to score. No question. This means Raymond Felton and Iman Shumpert must improve on their range as Anthony goes for the kick-out in double teams. World Peace is a decent spotup shooter who doesn't need the ball in his hands. Mike Woodson has kept the main players intact.

              I'm confusing of Amare Stoudimire's position. Why are they still keeping him on the team if his agent told the team he's on a twenty minute limit. Spending on a player over ten million annually shouldn't be benchwarming. It would be interesting to see what the Knicks are going to do when they are over the cap space. Leave comments below.

Risky Picks for Fantasy Owners

The followers players has high rewards and at the same time HIGH RISKS. Keep in mind, I'm not telling you what's going to happen, I'm going to tell you that if you pick them, injuries might pop up or other problems they might have that leaves them off the court.

Kyrie Irving - we know what he can do on the court but can he stay healthy all 82 games?

Derrick Rose - how will Rose play as passive or aggressive after his first serious injury?

Russell Westbrook - fresh off of his injury, how will Westbrook respond?

Kobe Bryant - he's a warrior and that's a fact. I believe he will be ready for the start of the season just because he is Kobe Bryant. I think he will be back better than the injury he had just prior to the playoffs. He loves the game too much to notice about his health. We need you to be healthy first Kobe, then you can go back on the court.

Demarcus Cousins - he's a freak athlete for his size who can handle the ball. But can he keep his mouth shut? Because of his silly plays, it cost him a few games and it cost me a few wins in my fantasy league. We need you to behave yourself and most importantly, I need you to behave so I can pick you up again because the team needs you to produce on any given day.

Any thoughts or suggestions?

Fantasy League Tips

In the next few weeks or so, I will be talking about a few players who have the potential to have breakout season or vast improvements from the previous season. We're not so sure yet about the future of the Milwaukee Bucks point guard yet but it looks like as of now, Jeff Teague is staying in Atlanta and it still remains a mystery in Milwaukee. Hopefully we hope Brandon Jennings will play in a city he loves next season. On the other hand, fantasy wise, he is a great pickup because he can give you steals and points will come up handy if the team is struggling offensively.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

James Harden: still top 5 pick for Fantasy Draft?

With Dwight Howard as center for the Houston Rockets, is Harden still able to rack up his points and rebounds? We know Howard will take some rebounds away from him but maybe at the same time, he might average more assists. His field goal percentage might increase because it will cause less double teams with Dwight Howard in the paint. How do you guys feel about James Hardens fantasy ranking? Should it be higher or lower after the Dwight Howard trade?

First pick of the NBA fantasy draft: Lebron James or Kevin Durant?

Who would you pick? These are my facts in what I see between them. Kevin Durant is a better free throw shooter. All around Lebron James can get you a triple-double any given day but his free throw percentage are average. Kevin Durant will likely average more minutes due to the absence of Kevin Martin to the Minnesota Timberwolves. If it were me, I'll pick Kevin Durant over Lebron James as a better fantasy player but not as a better player than him. What do you guys think? Or is there someone else you'll rather pick first?


With the trades winding down, the NBA season is a few months away. Is Kobe Bryant going to be back in time for the beginning of the season? How will Derrick Rose do after a year off? Coming off from his first serious injury, is Russell Westbrook still a top 10 pick? There are still many questions out there. Any thoughts about the new season?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Transition to the NBA

Which players in the draft have an NBA type body that is ready to fit in immediately?